22 May 2006

Monday Madness

40 min out-and-back run with Katie B. A good enough pace to chat and enjoy the beautiful day.

For the first Monday all quarter, I was done with class by noon, which left lots of time to run errands and to study.

Steve built me bookshelves! Way better than a bouquet of roses! Now my radiology books aren't on the floor, and I don't have stacks of notes from 6 months ago piled up by the wall. Our bookshelves line the hallway and an entire room. . . and that's not even 3/4 of the books we own which are in storage in PA.

We have no A/C in the Honda. It's been tolerable for the most part of the spring, but that toleration level is wearing thin as the temperatures rise. We took it to PEP boys to get the fluid drained and cleaned. They gave us a $115 estimate. Of course they call later to tell us there are 3 other problems that toal $900. So, for now, we're not doing A/C. That repair alone is worth 1/5 of the value of the car. It's a long, hot summer, but we'll have to drive really fast with the windows down.

Katie M & I plugged away at 4 hours of radiology tonight. We only have 2 more nights to get this stuff in our brains before the next exam. Oh the fun!


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