02 May 2006

Proper Perspective

My friend Michelle, whom I work with in the Scoliosis Mentorship Program, sent me a great e-mail this morning. I'd been feeling blue over the past week, from getting gut-punched from academics and verbally by friends. I keep pressing on toward the goal, because deep down inside I realize that all the flack I get isn't about me, but it's just part of the hurdles of moving forward. But, it's still nice to get a refreshing word of encouragement from friends and family.

"I was also going to tell you that when I was praying this morning I had a realization. I was very happy with how the seminar came off bcs I felt like from an event planning perspective it was very successful and happily uneventful. So I was happy and felt like we did a good job, and it was a "success." However, in lifting us all up as "overwhelmed" leaders in a week of midterms, I gained a new perspective. The future benefit of putting on the semiinar far outweighs the future benefit of a number grade. (not that we should in any way be lazy about our school work), but even if only 50% of the people who were at the seminar ever do anything with the information, think of the number of patients they'll reach and treat with it, and then the people those patients will talk to who will possibly get treatment.

Each of these pt's lives, "health", and future will be changed bcs of the seminar we with CLEAR put on. What difference will it make in 5 years if we got a 95 vs. an 85 vs. an 80, etc. vs. think about the difference holding the seminar will have made in 5 yrs. The future would be very different if we would of sat home and studied abundantly for our tests this week. All of these lives would have been left unchanged. I hope this is as encouraging and happy to all of you as it was to me.

When you first asked me to join the board I was afraid I didn't have the "heart" for scoliosis, and I'm still not positive, but I know my "heart for scoliosis" is growing, and that I am very happy with the decision I made to join the board. I knew I would be working with the best leaders at our school, and only growth and great experience would come of it, so I gave it a shot. I am so glad I did. Thank you to all of you, and good luck this week on tests. I pray we are all able to keep a Godly perspective through it all."

Michelle rocks!


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