15 May 2006

Class 073 Superlatives

Part of Palmer Florida's tradition at the half-way party is for classes to vote on each other for superlatives. I know this sounds really high school, but sometimes we think we're really at Palmer High. Anyway, it was a fun exercise to think about who best fits which category. I thought I'd get voted for "most likely to live out side of the U.S.", but I was wrong. Enjoy the superlatives.

1. Most school spirited
Stew Peters
Theresa Hartley

2. Most chiropractically spirited
Josh Axe
Dolly Garnecki

3. Most likely to be a millionaire FIRST
Mark Holladay
Keren Gomez

4. Most outspoken
Joe Burnham
Cinnamon Bruce

5. Most likely valedictorian
Ben Bowman

6. Most likely salutatorian
Nick Price

7. Most likely to practice outside the country
Jose Calbeto
Alexandra Lao

8. Most likely to develop own technique
Steve Sharpe

9. Most likely to practice until (s)he physically cannot anymore
Anne Stoner
Katie Benson

10. Most likely to succeed
Greg Cobb

11. Most likely to practice on animals
Alison Nida

12. Most likely to become a teacher at Palmer College
Barney Durham

13. Funniest chiro to be
Tim Price

14. Most dependable
Craig Sainz
Katie Miller

15. Class Clown
Jason Pagliarini

16. Teacher’s pet
Dave Suro

17. Most likely to eat organic forever
Rob Hoyt

18. Best dressed chiro to be
Matt Schiermier
Melissa Medieros

19. Most creative
Elaine Brady
Will Davis

20. Most lucrative practice
Courtney Madre
Ken Medley

21. Most likely to open multiple offices
Mike Card
Ed McLaughlin

22. Most likely to work out when (s)he’s still 80 years old
Victor Cruz

23. Biggest partier
Rob Thompson
Linh Quach

24. Most trusted classmate to adjust EVERYONE
Brian Bartholomew

25. Best diversified technique
Meredith Meyers

26. Best Gonstead technique
Andrew Hull

27. Best Thompson technique
Jeremy “Eric” Thompson

28. Best Toggler
Krane Krupples

29. Best Diagnostician
Brandon Osmon

30. Most likely to be studying the night before graduation
Lindsey Mansueto

31. Most family oriented
Randy "Big Show" Michaux

32. Most likely to have a chiropractic reality TV show
Bryan “The Player” Abasolo

33. Most likely to work for a professional sports team
Alvin Green
Dan McCray

34. Straightest chiro to be
Roden Stewart

35. Most Mixed chiro to be
Andy Damron

36. Most Sarcastic
Chris Laures

37. Most likely to have kids work for him/her
Roland Cayer

38. Most likely to be the top of the pyramid (scheme)
Jorge Gallardo

39. Most likely to wear a white coat in his/her office
Wayne Powell

40. Most likely to head a chiropractic political campaign
Christian Orano

41. Most likely to be head of the local chiropractic association
Wes Orvosh


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