07 May 2006

TTWAC Atlanta

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This was, by far, the best TTWAC seminar I've attended to date. I went to Atlanta last year to my first TTWAC seminar, and I loved it. Since then, the student breakouts have improved significant. We were able to practice scripting with coaches and doctors. We also listened to incredible speakers on topics ranging from nutrition and mercury poisoning to leadership and improving the profession by making it more credible. Friday night, all the students participated in Philosophy Night until 2am. Some doctors from the mid-west got wind of our philosophy night, and they were doing the same thing in their hotel room. So, they came down to listen and to participate. They said we jazzed them up and in turn, they motivated us. Every single student who got in front of the group to speak shared a personal chiropractic story or testimony and encouraged others around them. Meanwhile, back home, our classmates were celebrating their half-way party at Ponce Inlet. Those of us in class 073 who attended the seminar celebrated with fellow club members and TTWAC clients in Atlanta by participating in the seminar. There were a total of 12 members of the Palmer Florida club in attendance. I love that the majority of club members also participated in the scoliosis seminar--we have so many shared areas of interest that overlap, and we are becoming the greatest doctors in our school.A few seminar highlights:
  • "To have authority over anything, you must have victory over it." --Dr. Dan Pompa
  • "Your level of effectiveness is directly proportional to the degree in which you live the chiropractic principal in your life." --Dr. Dan Pompa
  • "Patients and staff will examine you and what you're doing in your life. The more contradictions you have in your life, the less effective you are." --Dr. Dan Pompa
  • Dr. Dan Pompa spoke on Detoxification and Neurotoxins:
    • 30% of the U.S. population has mercury poisoning, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
    • Vegetarians are at a greater risk for neurotoxins. The 1st line of defense is bile, and vegetarians take in less fat.
    • 2 major sources of toxins are vaccinations an amalgam fillings:
      • Amalgam fillings are banned in every industrial country in the world, except for the U.S., thanks to the American Dental Association (ADA)
        • These provide chronic, low dose exposure over a long period of time; mercury will eventually leech out and affect the body.
      • Thymerisol in vaccinations cross the blood-brain barrier
      • Vaccinations stimulate the wrong immune response; they stimulate TH-2 which is an emergency / inflammatory immune response; thus vaccinations decrease the building of natural immunity and teach the body only to respond to emergencies. TH-2 is a last resort response and it shouldn't be activated before TH-1
        • Natural disease immunity stimulates the TH-1 or first immune response
        • Flu shot contains 25 mg of mercury; yet the WHO says a child can only handle 0.3 micrograms at 1 time!
    • Unsafe plastics are numbers 3,6, & 7 (which stinks, since I love my Nalgene bottles)
      • Plastics 1, 2, & 4 are good, although glass is best.
    • People with high blood fat levels (cholesterol) have more defense; there are less deaths due to high cholesterol than low cholesterol levels
      • People with high cholesterol have less chance of becoming toxic
  • "You need 2 things to strengthen BELIEF:
    • 1. Imitate someone who has the belief
    • 2. Open up your eyes and see the miracles around you every day." --Dr. Erik Lerner
  • "It takes a confident man to pull off pink." --Kristin Schafer referring to Dr. Erik Lerner
  • Dr. Patrick Gentempo spoke on "The Credibility Gap"
    • Chiropractic needs credibility. According to the CNN/Gallup poll, only 31% of people in the population think chiropractors are credible. Of those actually seeing a DC, they think chiropractors are 91% credible. Chiropractors currently only see 5% of the U.S. population.
    • Assume every new patient that comes to see you is skeptical
    • Gain confidence and trust on the 1st visit
    • Give them the "real reason to believe" what you say
    • Shift from "Patient scare" / fear-based tactic (often found in allopathic medicine) to "Patient care" paradigm
      • The patient will then say, "I had no idea you could help me in so many ways!"
      • Provide a positive vision leadership role and remove fear from people's lives
    • Why should a skeptic believe you? 3 Reasons:
      • Where are the over-benefits?
      • Reasons to get benefit / the real reason to believe
      • Dramatic difference of the product
        • chiropractic is only profession to address subluxation and to provide the "adjustment"
    • We must ask ourselves "what can I do to upgrade credibility of the profession within my community? my school?"
    • Have patients take responsibility for their own health. Chiropractic dependency vs. health freedom where patients are living the chiropractic lifestyle.
      • The noblest goal of the profession: "Make yourself obsolete, so that the patient no longer needs you."
      • Address the causes of subluxation rather than just the subluxation
      • Get people healthier and see more people, different patients!
    • 2 contradictions:
      • 1. To achieve chiropractic greatness, one must practice living consciously
      • 2. This means reconciling your actions with your goals and purposes and removing contradictions when you find them.
    • Live consciously!
      • 1. Have a clear purpose in practice
      • 2. Have a clear goal for every practice member that comes through your door.
      • 3. Where do you want your practice to be in 5 years?
      • 4. Is what you're doing today going to get you there in 5 years? If not, then change what you're doing today, or change your goals.
      • 5. You must be congruent and consistent.
  • In the student breakout, we listened to Drs. Tom Bolan, Mark McCollough, & Emmitt Blahnik speak about marketing strategies that are essential for recruiting new patients as we begin to open our doors for practice.
  • At the end, Dr. Ben Lerner wrapped it up by talking about BELIEF. He also had us do an exercise to illustrate a point about strength of conviction and belief. Unfortunately, I ruined his illustration and gave Kristin a burn on her wrists, and I hurt Katie by almost flipping her over. Hey, I take taskings very seriously! If I'm told to unlock someone's grip, I won't stop until I do it. And, I literally threw my entire body into it. Besides, I knew I wouldn't seriously hurt my friends...I just think I pissed 'em off because they aren't used to that sort of force. I have got to tame that ninja spirit within.
    • Dr. Ben had us describe the difference we saw in the Advanced doctors vs. the Elite doctors who had just trained us in marketing. Here's the list of what the Elite docs have that the Advanced docs don't have:
      • passion
      • drive
      • execution
      • certainty
      • preparation
      • confidence
      • control
      • vision
      • coachable
      • conviction
      • faith
      • urgency
      • fearless
      • mission statement
      • stewards
      • balanced
      • responsible
      • goal setters
      • *BELIEF*
        • This is primary! Everything else on the list is secondary.
        • Knowledge becomes belief



Blogger Dan said...

Ninja spirit?
You're already an AETC trained killer!!

Sounds like this was a lot of fun!

08 May, 2006 20:44  

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