18 May 2006

Super quote

Karson shared this incredible quote from one of my favorite mentors:

"Never ever apologize for what you know. Live with the knowledge of knowing and disseminate that information whenever possible, especially if you believe it to be accurate and forthright. However, do it with passion, humility, and dignity, and with the worldly satisfaction of having shared what you have learned with others and the realization that it may cause change. Never ever attempt to teach with the attitude that you know it all because, quite simply, you do not." --Veronica Dishman, Ph.D. Pathology

There are way too many people with the title of "doctor" who've got over-inflated egos to go along with that title, which means "teacher" by the way, not "know-it-all". Dr. Dishwoman loves to teach and she's the first to admit when she doesn't know something or know why something works the way it does. A lot of folks (doctors and students alike) could learn from her example!


Blogger Dan said...

Hahaha...sounds like gray patches, silver leafs and other things.

18 May, 2006 22:46  

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