23 August 2006

Week 7 Update of 9th Q Madness

I rocked the CE9, PART II Diagnosis Exam with an A. Thank freakin' goodness that whole sha-bang and mess is DONE. Movin' on and studying for national boards this week. But, since profs like to keep us guessing and keep us on our toes, we now have 1 project and 4 lovely exams next week.
Just like most other weeks in 9th Q madness. That's it's official name, 9th Q madness. But, there are less than 3 weeks until boards, and until final exams. That means, fall break is 1 month away. It also means that 10th quarter heaven is 5 weeks away. Yeah, the boards thing is creepin' up fast and furious, and hopefully I will pass all 7 sections so I won't have to deal with these unpleasantries again next March.

I love how folks from lower quarters constantly say to us, "I heard 9th Q is hell. Is it really that bad?" Yes, I've been asked that at least 6 times in the last 6 weeks. Yes, it's the hardest quarter at Palmer to date, hands down, and everyone ahead of us agrees. Thanks for reminding us and rubbing it in that you have it oh so easy and we're trying to survive these 3 months like living zombies replaying Groundhog day with our exams. And because my class is bringing certain ridiculous aspects of the curriculum to the attention of faculty and administration, you poor sweet things can guarantee that it won't be quite so bad once you're in 9th Q. Why? Because we're taking one for the team. Somehow, 95% will move on to 10th Q heaven, and we'll do our best to forget 9th Q madness. Why? Because we're class 073, and we're survivors. And, as a class, we've been through more hell than most students have had in their lifetimes (I am NOT just talking about school).

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