16 August 2006

Taking the Blame

I've purposely tried to avoid venting my frustrations about school on this blog. But today, I'm hoping that posting some rants will help me alleviate my bitterness, anger, and stress about this ridiculous institution.

On Friday, my entire class has the privilege to re-take the Diagnosis portion of the Clinic Entrance Exam. There were all sorts of problems with the exam the first day, most of which stemmed from piss-poor administration, lack of organization, and not sequestering students properly. The fault of the faculty led to some students sharing the diagnosis with their classmates because those who'd taken that portion of the exam were in a room with others who had not yet tested. Students were pretty angry at the overall chaos of the exam (it was far from orderly, professional, and what they told us to expect), but even more angry that others had learned about the diagnosis prior. As sucky as it is that some students cheated, it sucks even worse that the administration is making ALL of us re-take it. Even those who passed the exam in the first place, even those who were sequestered and didn't have access to the diagnosis prior. When it's the faculty's fault, they don't come up with a reasonable solution (of which we offered MANY), but they punish the majority.

Some folks who want to blast rays of sunshine about this whole mess think that it's a great opportunity for us to take the test again and gain some great experience. These are the same folks who aren't trying to take 3 exams a week for our 33 hours of academics, get in our 30 patient adjustments for the quarter, log in clinic hours, and with what non-existent time we have remaining, somehow find the time to study for freaking national boards (which is 1 month away!). So, we have just loads of time to study AGAIN to take a test that we already devoted 3+ weeks of study time. . . and that most of us already passed.

Yeah, I'm ticked that they won't even tell me my original grade, but since I did very well on every other section, I'm pretty sure I at least PASSED the diagnosis portion. I'm also ticked that even though the folks who heard the diagnosis (worth only 15 points out of 100), actually 'fessed up to the dean, they're STILL making all of us retake it. The administration has also made all of the decisions WITHOUT an investigation (they never interviewed any students from our class), and it was all based on the rumor of rampant cheating from a student who was not present at the exam and who is not even part of our class. Hell, if every organization ran based on reactions due to the rumor-mill, they'd all be bankrupt and asking for a lawsuit. This place disgusts me. I've never been die-hard in love with this place like I was with my undergraduate university, but the more time that passes, the more I can't wait to get out of here.

As far as the rest of my class, everyone's about ready to kill one another. People point fingers at one another about whose FAULT it is that we are in this situation and have to all re-take the exam. People are so angry, they lash out at one another and professors. This whole clinic entrance exam nonsense added some serious divisions in our class. Sure, we're going to get through the test next Friday. . . suck it up and take it. Sure, MOST of us will get in all of our requirements for the quarter and pass our classes (although I've never had so many classmates fail so many exams in 1 quarter). And sure, we'll take national boards. It remains to be seen how well we'll do with all these added stresses and requirements piled on us. At some point in time, we'll be in 10th quarter which will have its on challenges of "adapt every 3 days and overcome, or you'll get left behind". But I wonder how many friendships will be burned, how many people will get on blood pressure meds, and how many will have spouses still standing at their sides after the blackhole of madness that surrounds 9th quarter hell.

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Blogger k said...

I'm still in my 1st year of chiro school out in CA and I'm currently frustrated with some issues my institute has as well. Good luck! You'll get through it (and hopefully have some snity left in the end!).



16 August, 2006 22:19  

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