07 August 2006

Type A Runner Teaches Scoliosis 101

Last week was NOT fun. But, I'm over it. How many things can go wrong in a few days? More than I ever though possible. And, how quickly can God resolve the chaos and make everything work out perfectly? Pretty much instantaneously.

Main thing people kept telling me last week was that I'm impatient and I have to work on my patience. Yeah, tell me about it. Struggle of my lifetime since I'm a "get-stuff-done-yesterday" type of person. Unfortunately, I'm super Type A and not so much Type B...thanks to my wiring and Air Force brainwashing. It's gonna take me awhile to reprogram, and I need some grace from God.

Dr. Dennis Woggon did a fantastic job speaking at the Orlando TTWAC seminar this weekend. It helped me to hear him do an overview on scoliosis since Kristin & I are teaching 1st Quarter's embryology / anatomy class on Scoliosis 101 this Wednesday! I'm looking forward to the Scoliosis Seminar Series in Orlando this fall. The more I hear and learn, the more I absorb and figure out what to do. I'm currently working with 3 scoliosis patients. Everyday, I pray that I'm doing the protocol correctly and that I don't do anything to make them worse, but that I help them to get better. It's not all me, a huge component is on them to do their home rehabilitation exercises. And, the biggest component is, of course, God, prayer, and positive thoughts. So, I'm anticipating post-care radiograph films on a couple of the patients in a few months, to see how much they improve.

The coolest thing that happened to me this weekend is that I got a lot of glorious and much needed sleep. I don't function very well when I get less than 6 hours. For those of you who subscribe to Runner's World magazine, check out my Letter to the Editor in the September 2006 issue. It was truncated a LOT by the editor such that they lost the point of the letter, but hey, got it published and a free t-shirt to boot!

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