19 August 2006

Movie Junkies

Whenever we want an escape from reality (which is at least twice a day), we'll delve into our latest Netflix shipment. But sometimes, we actually get to go to the theater to see 'em on the silver screen--our preference. We heard nothing but good things about Lady in the Water. We both enjoyed it, although we thought some of the side-line characters could have had a little more development. All in all, Shyamalan is a great storyteller and he turns out yet another favorite.
We also enjoyed the action-packed revolutionary graphic novel turned film, "V for Vendetta". It was definitely a combo of Matrix, 1984, Phantom of hte Opera, and Equilibrium. I liked the splashes of red throughout various scenes that draws the eye around the screen. If I were to watch it again, I think I would count how many times the letter "V" appeared visually on the screen. If one were to count how many times it appeared in the script, I think it would be the majority of the script, including the names of key characters. Natalie Portman did a fantastic job, espcially in the hyperventilation scene when she discovers the truth of an elaborate plot. And, even though Hugo Weaving had to overdramatize a silly (Green Goblin-esque) masque for the entire film, he still did a great job with the voice . One of the more interesting scenes was when the voice of London sees the tape of his earlier broadcast in surround-vision screens as well as the reflection of them through the glass. It reminded me of a scene of Nicole Kidman in To Die For, looking at herself through a camera and t.v. image projected infinitely. The fascist regime's symbol was appropriately a "double-cross". And, the nod to the British Comedy "The Benny Hill Show" which makes a farce of the fascist dictator. I want to see this one again!Finally, Steve insisted on watching Kill Bill, after our friends let us borrow their DVDs of Vol 1 & 2. I liked the sword fight scene between Uma Thurman & Lucy Liu in the snow covered gardens. But otherwise, in true Quentin Tarentino style, it's a bit over-the-top and not even funny or cool in the blood-splattering dramatic death cut scenes. It's disappointing, rather. I think I'd much rather watch an old Bruce Lee film. I know old martial arts films are over-the-top on special effects, but I enjoy the art of the choreography. This one is trying to be artful with revenge-driven, blood-spraying melodrama. Pity. . . this had so much potential.



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