16 August 2006

On a lighter note . . .

OK, that earlier rant really helped me get it out of my system and to move on. I came home and took a 2+ hour nap today before going to the clinic to work with a couple of patients. I think that the frustration of the whole thing wears on me like vinegar poured on an open wound.

But, I'm over it, embracing the fact that I'm taking the test. . . AGAIN . . . on Friday. And, by Friday night, I'll be ready for a relaxing evening with Steve. I'm hoping we can go to our all-time favorite place in Orlando: Jade Bistro. We both need a night out together with some great food.

I always relax after being in the clinic. It's the only place where I feel like time flies by at this school. I absolutely love working with patients. I'm so humbled that graduating interns want to entrust the care of their precious patients to me. Even more humbled that some patients are willing to leave their chiropractors and drive 1 hour to see me. I feel a huge amount of responsibility to provide the best quality care possible, and to seek answers to difficult or challenging questions or cases. I pray, even now, that God equips me with the knowledge and skills to do my very best to help with the physical needs of these patients.

On another note, I got a FREE half-gallon of fresh squeezed orange juice at the Farmer's market last weekend. I'm ALL about supporting the local farmers. 1) the produce is always better quality 2) the customer service is unparalleled, and 3) they honor customer loyalty with discounts and freebies that you'll never find at name brand grocery stores.



Blogger Dan said...

Glad to see you're doing better! Glad you like the Lady, too!

19 August, 2006 15:47  

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