10 August 2006

Teaching and Beaching

I don't blog nearly as regularly as I used to, but then again, there's a lot of things I had to trim up just to get through the furiousness of 9th quarter madness. So, while I should be writing an essay for a scholarship application, I'm checking emails, updaing the Scoliosis Mentors website, and blogging--procrastinating, actually. But, I will note that this week has a completely opposite feel than last week. I think all of my classmates were losing their sanity just like me, and after we got through back-to-back hell weeks, we're on the downhill in recovery mode. I expect cortisol levels and stress to spike again in mid-September as we take our national board exams, but for now, it's time to mellow out and relax.

Kristin & I enjoyed teaching "Scoliosis 101" to a fresh crop of chiropractor students. They actually paid attention, and asked some very challenging questions. Today, we received very positive feedback from the professor and the students. I could totally see Kristin & I doing the tag-team lecture on Scoliosis for years on end. It was fun!

This week, I've been all smiles and actually capable of listening to friends' troubles and spending time with Steve. All of that seemed like more and more things to calculate into the incredible schedule of cramming and survival in the past 2 weeks. I did very well on some of my exams last week, on others, pretty stinky. But to my surprise, a majority of my classmates have failed at least one of the exams thus far this quarter. So far, I'm not in that majority, but I have to keep plugging along so I don't get behind.

Workouts consisted of 2 rounds of tempo runs on the dreadmills and ellipticals, followed by lunges, squats, and power-breathing crunches. Tennis Thursday was more of a venting session than a practice in accuracy, but we did get in some good volleys. Tomorrow, I'm trying something different for our 7.5 mile beach run. Instead of dealing with the carotid- crushing Camelbak, I'm going to plant water at the half-way mark and not deal with the cumbersome load of carrying it. It'll give me something to look forward to.

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