24 August 2006

Rainy Days

We've been getting a lot of much needed rain lately. So much so that the Palmer clinic's roof caved in during yesterday's torrent. There was 1/4" of water on the 2nd floor (which bascially means that carpet's TRASHED), which then leaked down to to the first floor. I think some students and faculty salvaged some computers and papers, but it affected the electricity (which means NO A/C as well as no lights) in the majority of the building. Oh, did I mention that Palmer is renting this facility from the City of Port Orange? This building also defaults as a Red Cross shelter in case of hurricanes or floods (the clinic is shut down and the City and Red Cross MOVE IN). So, don't know how stalwart of a shelter it will be when it can't even handle a rain storm.

There was another fierce downpour this afternoon. At least we got our tennis in this morning! It rained enough that the roof leaked in the academic buildings. . . this campus is pretty darn new (2004 and 2005 fo
r these buildings). So, it's funny how the weather can make a place fall apart.

On a lighter note, I ran into Drs. Ronnie & Ravi. Dr. Ravi decided to put on one of Dr. Ronnie's straw hats. He looked adorable, then they and Diane posed for a photo for all of you to enjoy.

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