26 May 2006

Parting Shot

Before I get on with my stellar weekend that I've been anticipating for the past 6 weeks, let me just say that I really don't like my radiology class. Unfortunately, the formula of studying for 24 hours the week prior to the exam (although it equated to success on the previous exam) is not a consistent formula. I don't get this class. I think I know the material: views, pathologies, differentials, clinical findings, etc. prior to the exam, then I take the exam and none of the multiple choice options correlate to the actual picture of the film. That really blows. Our prof tried to encourage us and told us that our class average is even with the national board average for a similar test. Only thing is we're not taking a national board when we take an academic exam for a course that counts toward a G.P.A. We just have to pass boards...but, we'll be lucky to pass 8th quarter radiology.


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