24 May 2006


Saw this fun meme on Chris' site. Love it!

I AM a wife, a veteran, a chiropractic student, a half-breed (asian and white), a kinesthetic learner, a runner, a swimmer, a voracious reader, and a reformed Christian.
I WANT to be done with the academic portion of school so I can start taking care of patients in the clinic. I also want to be GRADUATED so I can do what I came to school to DO!
I WISH I had enough time to get another job just to fulfill my sushi and smoothie fix.
I MISS rock climbing at OKC Rocks.
I HEAR incredible orchestrations and original songs in my head—I wish I could figure out some way to capture them in composition or on the piano I no longer own.
I WONDER how much healthier I would be today if I knew about good nutrition, avoiding medication, and avoiding immunizations when I was a teenager.
I REGRET getting immunizations in the military and as a child, and all the prescription and OTC meds I EVER took in my life.
I AM NOT a girly-girl. I hate shopping. But I LOVE getting gifts: especially books.
I DANCE in the living room: salsa or ballet. Steve makes fun of me because he can’t dance.
I AM NOT ALWAYS a tough girl. I cry when viewing most movies. I have a sappy emotional side.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS messes, incredibly good food, and chiropractic adjustments.
I WRITE daily: in my blog, e-mail, articles . . . I learn best by researching and getting things down on paper. My favorite form of communication, next to face-to-face, is through e-mail.
I CONFUSE giving directions to people for places I may frequent, namely because I’m on autopilot or visually recognize how to get to where I’m going.
I NEED at least 7 hours of sleep, snacks every 3-4 hours, exercise 3-4 times per week in order to function optimally and not be a grumpy person. I also need to always be busy or I get very bored.
I SHOULD have more people over for dinner more often. It’s fun to cook for others and to develop relationships and community.
I START conversations with strangers. I like meeting new people. I like getting to know the people I know even better.
I FINISH almost everything that I start.
I TAG Libby, Aaron & Kristin, Jon, Steve, & Jen


Blogger Les Chui said...

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26 May, 2006 05:03  
Blogger Les Chui said...

Best of luck to your schooling. How much longer till you get to clinic? I graduated from Palmer West. http://chiroconfessions.blogspot.com/

26 May, 2006 05:09  

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