29 May 2006

Great weekend

Didn't do a THING for school. Didn't even think about school. I do have an exam tomorrow at 830, but I'm really not sweating it. I had an absolutely restful weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. Today, Steve and I were productive enough to do some thorough house cleaning. Then, we watched several more episodes of Alias season 4. All in all, we watched 22 episodes of Alias in 5 days--completely finished season 4 and we can't wait until season 5 is on DVD! Thank goodness we don't watch t.v. nor do we have tivo, or there would be no hope for us finishing school!

I guess this week I should get around to all the writing that I didn't do this weekend: article for the Triune, movie review for a class, and case studies for class. I think I've been doing more homework and studying last minute in the past 6 months--mostly because that how i have to manage my time to get things done, and also because don't-care-itis has set in and I'm so tired of the academic setting at school.

Summer break is so close, only 2 more weeks, then finals. . . then we're DONE! I will officially complete my second year of chiropractic school on June 15th. Wow!


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