09 April 2006

We had a great lunch at the home of Pastor Burk & his wife Amber. Steak, Asparagus with provolone and tomatoes, wild grain rice, mandarin, walnut, & feta spinach salad, and a whipped strawberry gelatin dessert. So delicious!! They, too, prefer to put butter on their steaks. I think we'll meet up with them again soon for thai, japanese, chinese at Jade Bistro. Today, I learned more about what goes through the mind of an extemporaneous preacher who delivers the same message in back-to-back services. Different speakers have different purposes and goals, but the lessons learned can be applied universally in effective communication.

This weekend alone I met a handful of people who won't be able to go with us to East Asia this summer, but who want to visit us once we move there. Visiting guests will be so very welcome since we won't be able to have the luxury of church or Christian fellowship while living in asia. I don't take it for granted, and I cherish it every time I'm able to meet with fellow believers in church, Bible study, or prayer group.


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