01 April 2006

DeJeanne's Results

Before and after scoliosis views of DeJeanne. The film on the left was taken on 24 Mar 06 and indicate a thoracic lateral curvature measured with Cobb angle lines at 62 degrees at the vertebral level ot T9. The lumbar (L1) Cobb angle measures 70 degrees. Normal is 0 degrees. Only 5 days later, her films measure 31 degrees at T9 and 46 degrees at L1. You don't see that sort of change everyday in a clinic!

Check out the before and after postural photos of DeJeanne. The photos on the left were taken on Friday, 24 March 06. Those on the right were taken on Monday, 28 March 06.

There is considerable difference in her shoulders which are no longer rolled so far forward. Additionally, her forward head posture in the lateral / side view is less prominent. There is also increased lordotic curve of her cervical (neck) and lumbars (low back). Let's not forget that huge smile!


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