08 April 2006

Screening Sensation

Today was a blast. Josh & I did spinal screenings with Dr. Jenny at a Home & Garden expo in St Cloud, FL. We had a constant draw of folks at our booth. We did postural analysis, cervical infrared scans, or we just looked at their symptom sheet and educated them on the nervous system. In less than 5 hours, we screened at least 100 people and made 28 appointments--raising $270 for the St Cloud Food Pantry.

This is the first screening I've done in many months. The team dynamic was incredible and we balanced each other very well. I had a great time and I felt completely comfortable with talking to people about their spines and scheduling them for appointments. If they said NO, I didn't press them, but handed them a business card and found the next person to talk to. We have entire families signed up to get checked out in Dr. Tony Nalda's clinic. That is extremely exciting!


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