07 April 2006


I confess, I'm addicted to e-mail. I enjoy receiving and replying to e-mails. I like getting communication loops closed, seeing the teamwork progress on projects, and sharing the joy of my day with my friends and mentors. I don't own a cell phone which may attribute some to this addiction where I check and send my e-mail almost every minute of the day. Last quarter, I was on e-mail probation while studying for boards. I checked it maybe once or twice a day. Part of the reason I can tend to receive vast amounts of e-mail in a day is because I instigate it with the communication flow. I should be paying attention in class, but 2 hour lectures really kill me. As much as I'm ready to tear it up and have an incredible quarter, I'm not eager to get back into the classroom setting. I think I had more stamina than most of my peers. I lasted until 7th quarter being extremely attentive and diligent in classes--then boards and utter boredom set in--and I had a hard time paying attention. Maybe I'm just a little burned out on lectures since it's been non-stop 30+ hours per week over the past 2 years. Maybe that or I just really enjoy e-mail. It's got to stop. I must limit my e-mail viewing and responses to only twice a day. Or else, I'm bound to get ragged on by my profs in class for being a slacker, and I'm bound to perpetuate my wrist pain from the constant typing.


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