31 March 2006

Beach Day!

Dr. DishWoman & I walked 4 miles up and down Ponce Inlet Beach soaking in some Vitamin D and enjoying the beautiful surf.
She made me wear a hat, but it protected my face, so I didn't complain.I love this photo--she looks stunning!We visited the wildlife ICU which resues injured animals: birds and turtles. There were some incredibly large turtles who are waiting a permanent home in an aquarium. I enjoyed viewing the radiograph films and learning about turtle spines and spinal cords.
We had a fun and relaxing day!


Blogger libbyann721 said...

Those pics make me miss you!

02 April, 2006 17:39  
Blogger Dolly said...

I miss you too, Libby-Loo!

02 April, 2006 19:35  

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