14 April 2006

Run beach, eat fish

Today was like a vacation--all in one glorious day. Slept in despite husband's annoying alarm squawking at 0530, and husband telling me to wake up at 0730 because I was late for class. Silly husband forgot that I don't have class on this very good Good Friday. After I ran errands all over Daytona Beach, I joined Katie for a mid-day run on the sand. We started at North Turn and ran to Ponce Inlet which was somewhat over 2 miles. We took a break and explored the sea turtle and sea bird ICU at the Science Marina. Then, we ran back and enjoyed the cool breeze on our faces. We hadn't planned on dressing alike, but we were both wearing black shorts and red tank tops. Great 40 minute run! I think I got a little burned on my shoulders. Darn! After our run, we stopped at North Turn for a late lunch. We were starving and our stomachs were ingesting themselves. We both tried the mahi-mahi--mine was garlic seared, and Katie's was blackened. Delicious lunch to refuel after a long run in the sun.

Once I got home, I felt worn out. So, I crashed into a delightful nap until Allycia called. Then, we met up at B&N for our green tea frappucino date. We're heading to the Daytona Beach farmer's market tomorrow morning to stock up on yummy fruits and veggies for the week. It'll also give us more time to catch up. My dear friend is moving to Colorado in 6 weeks, and I'm going to miss her terribly!

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