11 April 2006

Team Chiropractic

I am privileged to work with the strongest leaders in the school. There's more leadership in a handful of clubs in this school than I saw in entire squadrons of officers in the military. Everyday, I see people around me growing into their potential to motivate, teach, direct, and encourage others to learn and to follow them toward greatness. We strengthen one another by pushing each other out of our respective comfort zones. We admonish one another when we screw up. And we dream with one another about future goals and dreams.

Yesterday, Josh told me that other people think that we're really wierd freaks of nature. . . he still can't explain this one to me. But ultimately, we're just doing what God has called us to do. And, sometimes that is a freak of nature--following God's will. At least I can do what I'm called to do among friends--incredible friends--the future leadership in the chiropractic profession.

I hear stories from professors about how chiropractors eat their own, fail to work as a team, tear each other down, etc. I can't say that I've EVER encountered a chiropractor who actually practices in the field that actually has those qualities. I think it's because I'm selective about who I spend time with, and I refuse to hang out with losers. On the contrary, every field doctor I've ever met has been totally giving, generous, and loving toward patients. They are eager to help chiropractic students become better professionals. I love team chiropractic. Everybody wins!


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