12 April 2006

Meeting Minutes

Today I was going to write about how so many students around me are infatuated with the idea of how to see tons of patients and to make millions of dollars. Although I think it's extremely valuable to learn how to run an efficient and productive small business so that we can continue to help people, but to lose focus on WHY we are in this profession is detrimental. But, I'm not going to write about that topic.

I'm still so amazed at how successful our Scoliosis Mentoring Program Kick-Off meeting went this morning. When there are other large clubs meeting at the same time, you never know what to expect regarding attendance. We had an astounding 50-60 people at our meeting! For our small school, that's pretty incredible. That's 10% of the student population.

We had a great meeting flow alternating between officers for various topics while really pushing the upcoming CLEAR Institute seminar in Daytona Beach at the end of the month. We spoke from our hearts relaying our passion for helping kids with scoliosis. DeJeanne shared her testimony about suffering with scoliosis, the grim prospects for care, and the miraculous results she experienced during spring break in Minnesota. Her story is powerful, and it really hit home. I was especially pleased with the amount and the complexity of questions that students asked regarding theory, technique, rehab, etc.

I hope the momentum carries over the next couple of weeks until the seminar!!


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