31 March 2006


I'm surprised at how relaxed I feel after such a short, and in some ways, intense spring break. I'd almost forgotten about national boards until a couple of folks brought it up. I won't know my scores until April 28th, so until then, what's done is done.

We got home around 0230 on Thursday. I think I got to bed somewhere around 0330 or so. We had to rise at 0800 for a brunch date at Josh's house. That was a delightful breakfast, and Josh was quite impressive with his non-grill cooking skills.

I basically took Thursday to unpack, relax, and try to get on some sort of normal schedule to prepare for next week. Today, I'm meeting a friend for a walk on the beach and burgers at Northturn Remember folks, with me, it's ALWAYS about food.

Steve and I have some weighty decisions to make as a family, primarily about where we'll live and what we'll do after graduation. We're definitely moving to China--exact city TBD. We have until the end of the summer to decide. Steve thinks we'll only stay there for a year, but I have a feeling (I don't usually make decisions based on feelings) that we'll stay much longer. Time will tell. I hope I can keep blogging in China.

For now, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my relaxing break and work through my goals and plans for the upcoming quarter regarding school, clubs, jobs, and learning Chinese. I think I'll be much busier with extra-curricular activities than with academics, which is actually a breath of fresh air! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in the life of a busy chiropractic student.


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