31 March 2006

Wrapping up Spring Break 2006

We enjoyed our last day at the clinic, but we loved our experience so much that we didn't want to leave. So, we've already made plans to return. DeJeanne is coming back in the summer with her parents for more intensive treatment. She is also coming back in January of 2007 to do her preceptorship and final quarter with Dr. Woggon! I'm definitely returning during fall break, with several other students from Florida. I know that both Kristin and DeJeanne are determined to make the Mall of America in Minneapolis a priority stop on their next visit to Minnesota.
St Cloud Chiropractic Clinic front - listed on the national registry of historic buildings
Carly works her core muscles on the Nautilus spinal twist machine
Dr. Dennis applies Arthostim to the cervical joints in extension to promote lordotic curve restoration
Josh uses Myologic to measure Carly's impressive lumbar extension range of motion
Dr. Chris applies muscle stim to Carly while she's on the Eckerdt table
3 musketeers
An actual whale thoracic vertebrae
Caught on film, Dr. Woggon recording SOAP notes!


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