15 March 2006

I'm losing my mind

A few days ago, I said I wouldn't blog again until after boards. But, I have to have some sort of practice at communication other than reciting anatomy, phys, micro, and biochem. I dream about boards questions. Someone help me! My student clinician said he felt like he studied so much that he was losing childhood memories. Some of my cool as cucumber classmates are even on edge and studying 7-8 hours a day. . . people are snapping at each other . . . and others are on the verge of breakdowns. I'm actually pretty calm about this whole thing, because I know that I'm doing my absolute best to prepare, and there's nothing MORE I can do. Even if I had another complete week to study, I think my brain would just combust. I'm paced to work until 4 or 5 pm on Friday--then I'm gonna chill out until my Sat afternoon exam begins. Working out is helpful--yesterday's swim was a great way to stretch out my very sore thighs. But, most of my conversations with people are boards or school related.

I've lost some ability to communicate about other things. Katie thought that this much studying makes us lose some common sense. I think this applies because I was heating up sweet potatoes in the oven, and I thought they were singing awfully loud. Katie thought to herself, "surely she poked 'em--surely she did!". Nope, I'd forgotten how to bake sweet potatoes. Something I did only a few weeks ago, and have done almost weekly for months. I'm amazed I still remember how to drive. All this info (much of it stuff I'll never use when I practice) has squeezed out all other pertinent info to the far recesses of my brain, potentially unretrievable areas. Do I REALLY need to know how the public sewage system works with water filtration? Or about every little artery that branches off the thyrocervical trunk? "Please excuse me while I adjust your thoracics. It may add a little pressure to your suprascapular artery, but no worries, you'll still have enough blood supply to your supraspinatus muscle!" I mean . . . COME ON now! Do I NEED to know that the thyroid gland is embryologically derived from the back of the tongue? Seriously! WHY?!?

Sorry to bore you non-chiro students with these very boring and unentertaining facts. But, if there are any HTML gurus out there who can help me figure out what the hell I did to screw up the template which makes the lighter blue stuff stop short, and every other successive entry unreadable, please let me know! I've been trying to fix that mess, and I played with it for 2 hours one night when I should have studied for my foundations exam. Somehow, I pulled off a perfect score on that test yesterday, and instead of a C, I know go into the final exam with a solid B. I can totally LIVE with that!


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