14 March 2006

Batman is dangerous while sleeping

Steve's stupid watch alarm rang at 0600. I used to wake up at 5, but not this quarter. At 0630, I hustle out of bed to make it to my 0730 class. Anyway, he quickly fell asleep as soon as his alarm went off. Glad sleeping beauty could recharge, but it woke me up. He started having the sleep convulsions or jerks typical of REM sleep within a few minutes. I heard him saying stuff and his twitching almost kicked me out of bed. I placed my hand on his arm in case he was having a nightmare, and he quickly slapped it with the reflex of a ninja. I was glad I didn't get punched out. I got out of bed and got ready for class more for my own safety than because I was ready to get up. Steve kept stirring, so I again tried to gently nudge him and let him know he was having bad dreams.

He awoke abruptly and told me he was Batman. He was having a superhero dream where he was helping Doc Oc (who was apparently a good guy) defeat some bad guys. He was flying through the air when I woke him up. He was still lying in bed while I was fumbling around in the closet. Then, he told me he regretted that I woke him up from his cool superhero dream. I called him Batman at breakfast.


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