06 March 2006

Monday woes

6 day weeks are awfully wretched. My classmates who put in 7-day weeks, as in--there is no such thing as a weekend for a full month--have it worse than me. But I've endured 8 weeks of this quarter with those 6-day weeks and it has me utterly sapped. I'm usually revived and ready to go by Sunday. These days, I'm comatose in blissful Sunday afternoon naps dreading the thought of Monday morning. Today was such a morning, and for the first time this quarter, I missed Dr. Miller's lecture. It's unfortunate because he's the best instructor and lecturer this quarter, and I'll never again have him as a teacher in the curriculum. But, my innate just did not want to get out of bed!

Next quarter's not looking much better. 30 hours and 5 weekends full of seminars and electives. One of these sweet days I'll graduate and life will be very, very different.

On a brighter note, Josh and I rocked on our Orthopedic Exam OSCE today. Yay!


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