08 March 2006

Study Life - it's gotta get better than this!

My life is one giant study session, with occasional bouts of other activities thrown in such as eating, sleeping, running, and the annoying time suck of having to go to class on occasion. I've forgotten what life is like prior to studying for boards. Didn't I used to read books or run on the beach? I honestly don't remember what I used to do with that evasive concept called "free time", what a luxury! Maybe I'll get some "free time" next quarter. Yeah right. . . keep dreamin'!

0715 - Kiss Steve goodbye
0730 - 1130 - Attend classes
1130 - 1330 - Run 1 mile warm-up & 1 mile of speed work, then shower & lunch
1340 - 1430 - Attend class
1430 - 1630 - Boards study group
1635 - Steve brings me a study snack on campus without even knowing where to find me (talk about having a connection!)
1645 - 2100 - Dr. Dishwoman's Fabulous Pathology Board Review & practice test
2130 - Dinner
2130 - 2300 - Watch 2 episodes of Season 4 24 with Steve
2305 - Collapse in utter exhaustion

0600 Wake up with pathology board questions intermixed with 24 episodes in my brain
0645 Get up, get dressed for school
0655 Say, "screw it! I'm too tired for this crap!" and go back to bed
0800 Finally get my butt out of bed and start working on homework and studying for boards
1100 Submit homework electronically and blog
1330 - 1530 attend class (and skip the other 3 hours of Wed. classes)
1530 - 1930 Boards study group
1930 - East Asia team meeting at our house

My life is really boring, but it seems like every spare minute is spent trying to stuff useless facts for boards into my brain. Even though I've studied this stuff constantly, it doesn't always stick in my brain as well as these classmates in their early 20s . . . or the ones with the incredible photographic memories. I feel like a zombie today. I think I'll stick to pull-ups, kettle bells, and maybe take more frequent study breaks.


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