13 March 2006

Study Madness

It's not everyday we get to take national boards. Just every March and September from now until we graduate from this place for 4 sets of marathon exams. This is a marathon. I will taper in preparation time for 24 hours prior to my exam. I will prepare highly proteinacious snacks to keep my blood glucose levels from causing my brain to function inefficiently. And, I will avoid carbs which will only lull me to sleep for my afternoon exams. 10 hours in 2 days of bubbling in my name and identifying info as well as 110 questions 6 times. I took the MCAT in undergrad--and that bloody exam was painful and draining. This one proves to be much more so since it's so much longer. To document preparatory madness in light of this upcoming slaughter (of the exam, not me), I decided to post a couple of pix of me and Katie. We've been at this madness for almost a month now, faithfully logging in long hours of diligent study. That's not counting individual study time which began back in November. We're hoping it pays off in mega-dividends this coming weekend. Wish us well, in our last few days of cramming and mass-memorization.


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

That looks like some hard core studying. Good luck!

15 March, 2006 09:36  

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