13 March 2006

Run sketches

Last week, I got in 4 runs. Much easier motivation when the weather is killer sweet in teh 70s and 80s and I've been sitting all day hitting the books. Running moves the joints, flushes the toxins, and helps me destress.

Monday: 3 miles
1 mile warm-up
1.5 miles of sprint, interval training (hills and flat)
.5 mile cool down

1 mile warm-up
1 mile interval training (sprinted 100s)
.5 mile cool down

1.5 mile fartlek with Steve (sprinted 250s and jogged 250-300s)

1.5 mile fartlek solo

All that speed training and strength training I've been doing over the winter really helped me out today. Katie and I went on a long beach run today. We ran 5.8 miles and actually ran for 50 minutes. I stopped the clock when we took a couple walk or stretch breaks. The ocean was gorgeous. Strangely, we were the only people running on the beach at 1030. We were proud of our distance. That's the furthest I've run in at least 1 year. On the way back, my hip flexors were a little sore, and I knew if I stopped, that'd be the end of it. So, my goal was the 50 minute mark. I was buggered after that. I think I'll do more swimming and sprints the rest of this week, and try another long run next Monday after my final exam.



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