05 January 2006

Texas Hooks the National Championship

I haven't watched a Texas football game (or any game for that matter) in 6 years. Jason & Allycia were kind enough to have us over to watch the 1st half since we don't have t.v. It was a messy first half by both teams, but it was still fun. I was happy to learn about the outcome this morning. Read about it on the ESPN recap or Mack Brown TX football site.


Blogger libbyann721 said...

I rejoiced with you! I am totally, 100% devoted to OU, but if they're not playing Texas, I'll cheer for Texas. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN! It was funny explaining the mess to these danggum NE people. I can't expect people who don't what Mexican food is to respect the South, so whatever. I give up.

08 January, 2006 04:49  
Blogger Dolly said...

Lib: Don't think those yankees have even a slight clue about old school football traditions. So, who ya gonna root for in the superbowl? Any fave teams?

09 January, 2006 06:45  
Blogger Stephen A. Fuqua said...

I expected Aggies to root for Texas, but am shocked to see an Okie rooting for the Horns!

10 January, 2006 23:24  

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