14 December 2005

Toxicology is the pain in my knee

Only 1 more final to go. it's only worth 3 credit hours of the total 33 that I'm taking this quarter. So, my other 3 classes and finals were worth a heck of a lot more. But, considering I don't know anything about toxicology tomorrow, I hope I can make a "B". I'm just too plumb tuckered out to study anymore tonight, and I'm just so ready to be done with this quarter, finals, and studying! I'll need the rest over the Christmas break, because national boards are just around the corner


Blogger Dan said...

Hi Dolly!
Sorry I haven't replied before now. The movie was pretty good except for one out-of-sequence scene. I'll keep you guys (and your studies) in my prayers, such as they are. God Bless!

17 December, 2005 15:46  

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