01 January 2006

Home Again

We're back in the land of ethernet and wireless . . . ahhh! We had a fun break that wasn't exactly relaxing with a lot of down time, rather it was very social with family and friends and always rushing about to and fro. However, I was so utterly burned out from last quarter's goings on, that I didn't think about school or anything that happened down here for the entire break, and that gave me a well needed mental respite.

I didn't enjoy the road trip back at all. My butt is now molded into the shape of the car seat, and my achy neck and back hate me. I did love seeing our friends again in Richmond on the way home.

This afternoon, I've been washing laundry, unpacking, and trying to make meals out of the empty cupboards and fridge. Meanwhile, Steve's finished his 100 pages of reading on the history of Israel and is only on paragraph 2 of his 8-page paper due tomorrow (for the first day of class). He also has a quiz tomorrow. Whatever happend to winter break? Meanwhile, I'm not looking forward to the 8am-6pm national board review (which lasts until next Saturday) where I get to do my least favorite activity, sit in a chair all day. This is what I came home early for, non-school, but like school, and it costs more money out of pocket. YES!

I can't run right now. I busted my 4th left toe, I sprained it really--tore a ligament. But, it's definitely not broken. Although half of my foot was bluish-green for about a week, and it still hurts to walk. All I can do now is swim and lift weights. I'll write about the stupid story of how I injured myself and then reinjured myself over the break in a near-future post. It was during a martial arts class, but it's not as cool and butt-kicking as it may appear. Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!


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