19 December 2005

Traveling the Eastern Seaboard

We set out on the road sometime just after 1 am on Friday, after finals. We wanted to get on the road at 10pm, but there was just too many errands to run in too few hours. We were both exhausted, but Steve agreed to drive. After he kept stoping at rest stops every 100 miles (and we both submitted to a 30 minute nap), I asked Steve if he wanted me to drive. He looked at me with the most worn our expression (his eyes looked like he hadn't seen sleep in days) and simply said, if you feel up to it). I took one look at him and knew that if I didn't drive, we'd be stopping every 50 or 100 miles, or we'd get into a wreck. So, I drove for the next 150 miles while he passed out in the passenger's seat. Traffic was light and most other road dwarriors were courteous except for the one rediculous cop who'd pulled over a trucker for a ticket, then veered out across 2 lanes of the interstate, slowed down in front of me, then u-turned in the opposite direction. Right, well if that cop would drive safely, then we'd have NOTHING to worry about. Sheesh!

We stayed almost 24 hours with our friends in Richmond VA. We got on the road again, Sat afternoon and got into Steve's hometown in PA. Aside from the 40 degree temperature difference, 1200 foot elevation difference, super dry air, and cold white stuff on the ground, it's a lot like Florida! Had no idea how HARD it is to run in 20 degree weather. Aside from slipping all over the icy, snowy road, it's super dang hard to breathe. I feel like I'm in the worst shape of my life after 50 feet, and that I just can't quite oxygenate my lungs. Hope I don't look like a total idiot tonight in martial arts (trying to breathe and trying to remember forms I haven't practiced in over 2 years!).

We're enjoying sleep, time with friends and family, and look forward to sharing our vacation pictures on this blog when we return home. I'm already missing the warmth of sunny Florida, but I can suck it up for another week or so.

Somehow I managed to pull a "B" in toxicology. Went into the final exam with an A, but I left that final exam hoping I'd at least passed the final. It was the most difficult exam at Palmer to date. It would help to be asked questions over material that was actually covered in class or the required reading book, but I guess that's asking too much! Take the "B" and run with it. . . never look back, and hope to never get tested by that prof again.


Anonymous Sapna said...

Swimming is equally hard up north. The most popular triathalons in Chicago involve open-water swimming in Lake Michigan. The strong current is bad enough, but its so cold that you need a wet suit to avoid hypothermia. Then there are the people here run outside when its below zero...

Incidently, there is an article you might want to check out on the safety of CrossFit:

Hope you have a great vacation!


22 December, 2005 17:49  
Blogger Dan said...

Hi Dolly! Quick outburst from me....


Check out the comments section on the Crossfit website as an answer to that article.


27 December, 2005 16:23  
Blogger Dolly said...

Sapna & Dan:

Read both articles, some of the early crossfit comments. I personally don't usually do the full workouts, modify them to what I'm capable of doing...as any smart person ought to do. I'm in no danger of nearing rhabdo, in fact, I should do crossfit MORE than just twice a week!!

28 December, 2005 00:21  
Anonymous Sapna said...

I figured you're a smart gal and won't excercise to the point of death. I just find it amusing that there are people out there who will :).

Dan, sorry - I wasn't trying to dismiss CrossFit at all. I agree with the comments about the article wrt how any program can be dangerous. I know all these lawyers who train for marathons in Chicago who end up injured by the time the race rolls around (and run it anyway). I'm sure if done by any sane person that CrossFit is very effective.

31 December, 2005 17:20  

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