06 January 2006

Swimmy Fun

Swimming is oh-so interesting this time of year. Weather yo-yos from the 80s to the 30s this week. At least the outdoor pool at the Y is heated. Getting out of it will be interesting. I had decent swims earlier this week, but due to other stuff on the schedule, I had no time for anything longer than 500s. It feels great to swim after sitting on my bum all day long taking notes at board review. We have review Monday - Sunday...and did I mention that we start winter quarter at Palmer next Monday? Talk about starting off the new year with a thunder! I'm skipping out on review on Sunday. Can't do it...need the mental break before a week of school, and I just need a day of rest. It's the only day Steve takes off from studying, too--so it's our only day for time together. Yup, being students is challenging on the marriage, but thank goodness we've been married for a few years now (makes it easier to handle the stressors of grad school!)


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