10 February 2007

Weekend Update

Katie B & I buckled down for some serious national boards studying, and we were super productive. It felt good to be fairly confident about the exam material, and it was good that we got through a big chunk of content.

It's yet another NASCAR week in Daytona--the Budweiser Shootout to be specific since the 500 is next weekend. So, although I had to go to the Farmer's Market for our weekly veggies, I choose to not venture around in my car the remainder of the weekend, because traffic is NOT going to be pretty. We've already planned alternate routes to and from church tomorrow to avoid the Race Day traffic. . . which has the tendency to get backed up for 30 miles or more.

We've been catching up on a few t.v. series through our S-cable laptop and t.v. hook-up and website downloads. We're hooked on Heroes. 24 is getting a little ridiculous this season. Well, it's always ridiculous, but they make some characters way too powerful and others way to stupid to keep listening to the counsel of the way too powerful and problematic advisors. That's so unrealistic. Lost season 3 is just strange. Even though Lost has always been strange, I don't think it's nearly as good as Seasons 1 & 2, and I'm in no hurry to watch any more of it.

Other than that, once I can get a chance to get back to the Y (Monday morning, most likely), I will plug in my meters on the Concept2 toward that goofy Valentine's Day Rowing Challenge. 14,000m will probably take me 2 x 7,000m workouts. So, I'll just knock it out in 2 days.

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Blogger Rude Cactus said...

I love Lost but it's jumped the shark a bit this season. I'd like some answers!!

14 February, 2007 14:40  
Blogger Aaron Courter said...

Hey Dolly,
You and Steve might try 'Veronica Mars' on the CW network. It's got a great heroine, with snappy writing and interesting arching plot lines; she's a hip modern Nancy Drew in college in California. I LOVE this show. :)

Thanks for checking in on our blog...I do the same for yours! Good luck on your Nat'l Boards.

19 February, 2007 00:03  

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