05 February 2007

Vaccines and STDs

Wow, TX Gov. Rick Perry passed a mandate that not only violates people's freedom and privacy, but it assumes things of the worst kind. The cervical cancer vaccination order has targeted all Texas girls in 6th grade beginning in September of 2008. That's assuming that all of these girls will have unprotected sex and contract HPV. The vaccination order seems as though it's unconstitutional on so many levels.

According to an article on Fox News, "Texas allows parents to opt out of inoculations by filing an affidavit objecting to the vaccine on religious or philosophical reasons, but critics of Perry's order say it still interferes with parental rights."

Although a little late, some senators in other states have listened to concerns. "In Maryland, Democratic Sen. Delores Kelley said last week she would withdraw her proposal to require the vaccine amid concerns there already are too many vaccine requirements for Maryland schoolchildren."

According to the CDC and a summarized report by Lisa Killinger, D.C., in the 1980's, children received only 4 vaccinations. And, only 5 years ago, 10 million vaccines were administered per year in the U.S. Most were given to infants 2-6 months old. And, over 75% of all 3-year-olds in the U.S. were fully vaccinated according to the CDC's recommended schedule. By age 2, healthy infants in the U.S. received up to 20 vaccinations to protect against 11 diseases in 2001.

Yet in 2007, the CDC's recommended schedule increased for 2 year olds up to 35 vaccinations to protect against 15 diseases. Each state's vaccination requirements are listed here and here. You can read about exemptions to your state's vaccinations laws on the National Vaccine Information Center.

You can also check out merck for information on recommended vaccine schedules and estimates on the incidence of adverse effects.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide whether or not your children should be vaccinated. I encourage you to read both sides of the arguments, and to not just vaccinate your kids because you've been told it's what you're supposed to do. You have rights as parents. And no state governor should decide whether your little girl should get an irreversible vaccination for an STD, a vaccination in which the long-term studies have not yet been published for adverse effects.



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