25 January 2007

More paperwork!

Long days in the clinic trying to stay on top of paperwork deadlines. I should be all caught up by early next week. Whew! Won't that be nice. Since the clinic schedule is constantly dynamic, it's been pretty tough to plan this week. Aside from Monday morning, I haven't been able to work out, and I've skipped lunch on several days. I'm looking forward to the weekend to catch up on sleep, workouts, and studying.

Since I'm checking out of clinic in mid-May, I want to start handing off some of my maintenance care patients so I have more time to study the more complicated patient cases. However, when I let one of my patients know that I'd eventually hand him off to another intern who would provide excellent care, he made it very clear that he didn't like that idea at all. I'm either going to have to get really good and time management and much much faster at paperwork, or I'm going to have to delay this transfer process. But, I'd much rather allow my patients to have 5-6 interactions with another intern who can observe or occasionally help out with a few aspects of the treatment so that he/she can develop a rapport with the patient and make the transition much smoother.



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