02 February 2007

Tornado Friday

Some tornadoes ripped through our area of Florida this morning. As a result, some patients had to cancel since the interstate is completely shut down west-bound (due to several tractor trailer crashes that are blocking it). If we don't have hurricanes and tropical storms for 7 months out of the year, then we have tornadoes in the middle of winter. Yup, that's Florida for you. So, even though I should be studying this morning, I'm playing on internet and posting to my blog. Enjoy.

Ninjas have been very popular among popculture jokes of late. There's the Ask a Ninja website which has some funny video clips. He even made a DVD which is a collection of 40 episodes. Unfortunately, my husband purchased that video, and I had to endure him watching the entirety of it from start to finish. Then, I found the photo below on a random blog several months ago.
For some whimsical Hallmark card concepts by an artist who posts to flickr, check out Mr. Mannun's photos. Also, check out the Etch-A-Sketchist's blog. How he does that stuff, I'll never know.



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