10 February 2007

Pizza Flinging and a Pocket Full of Crust

To celebrate their completion of the dreaded 5-hour long clinic entrance exam, I went to lunch with Kristin & Michelle at a local Italian joint. The food was alright, and our server was pretty good. However, the management and bus staff really need some training in customer service.

A bus girl stacked plates on a tray behind me and one slipped out and smacked me in my back hard enough to sting for a good 10 minutes. meanwhile, there was leftover food from another patron that slipped from the plate down my back and into my jeans (no I wasn't wearing a belt). That was disgusting. In fact, a patron at a table behind me told me I had food on my back. Michelle was helping me pick nasty pizza crust and noodles out of my jeans pockets for some time. The busgirl forced an eyerolling "sorry" and picked up food off the floor. As I kept digging food out of my pockets, I tossed it on the floor and she got even more frustrated.

For this staff accident, I just expected a more sincere apology and the manager to swing by. But no. That didn't happen. We told the waitress what had happened and she just thought it was terrible and had a look on her face like "sucks to be you." So, I asked the waitress to send the manager over to our table.

She came over to our table and it seemed to be such an inconvenience to her. We told her what had happened even though the waitress had already filled her in. She asked us "what do you expect me to do? It was an accident. Do you want her to apologize to you? I'll tell her to do that." We were pretty disgruntled that she didn't just apologize to us for something like that happening in her restaurant. She and the busgirl were very defensive and said that she didn't do it on purpose. The busgirl began arguing with Michelle about what type of food was actually on the plate that got spilled on me. Who cares. The point is that it was gross and they were angry that we were a little ticked off by what happened, but more so by how they handled it.

The manager wouldn't discount our ticket. She made up some lame excuse about her brother-in-law and some key and how she didn't have access. I guess she's really NOT a manager. Then, she said she'd take down my name and I could have a free item on my next visit, but she hoped that this event wouldn't prevent me from returning to their restaurant. It wasn't so much the food launching that was my aversion as it was the piss poor customer service throughout the whole ordeal. After some back and forth discussion, I left with a take-home tiramisu which I let Steve devour.

We wont' go back there again. I really can't find any good old school Italian joints down here in Daytona. Our favorite place is the family run I Love NY Pizza in Deltona. They have the most incredible strombolis that are almost as long as the table. And they come in flavors like philly cheese steak and chicken blanco. We don't eat there too often since it's 45 min away and pizza dough is so devilishly terrible for the body. But, it is the next best thing to getting a pizza/calzone/stromboli up in the northeast where they really make 'em right!


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