27 January 2007

Rowing on the Halifax

I met Heather at 6:45am to head over to the Halifax Rowing Club's boat house located near City Center Island. There were so many boats: 1-man, 2-man, 4-man, 8-man. There were boats for both the Halifax Rowing Club and for Embry Riddle's rowing club. Heather and I warmed up on the erg. She had me follow her rowing rhythm and helped me with my technique for each phase of the row. Then, we launched the single boats and I did my best to stay balanced with the oars. Heather did a great job coaching me since she told me what to do if I felt "tippy", and I never actually fell in the drink. The oar rotation from square-on to feather was awkward at first. And when I finally did get into a flow with it, I had to steer with 1 oar or another. I'm definitely not coordinated or smooth with the single oar steering. And then when I tried to row again with both oars, I felt like I did more dragging on the recover to counter-act the drive.

Afterward, we docked the boats, hosed 'em down and toweled them off, and we put them away in their racks. This is definitely challenging, but I still liked it. My back feels like it had a good workout without going into overkill inflammation. I'd like to return and improve my skills so that I feel more comfortable in the water. Eventually, we'll row in a 2-man boat, but I'm not quite to that level yet.


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