18 January 2007

Cool . . . NOT so much

Cool: Got 5 new patients in my first 3 weeks in 11th Q clinic
Not cool: Lost 2 patients who opted for another intern and a classmate tried to take a patient behind my back (that's illegal in all 50 states, but apparently there are no consequences to such actions at Palmer Florida--since the precedent was set last quarter, some of the more cut-throat types are going full-boar for more patients)

Cool: I'll be done with x-ray credits for graduation by next week. I'm getting faster at x-ray line analysis.
Not cool: We can't start to apply for live cases of high complexity for another 2 weeks.

Cool: Short clinic week due to the holiday and Homecoming seminars
Not cool: Because I'm up until 2am working on homework for a class assignment which I can't do during the day because I'm working crazy hours in clinic the 2 days when it's open for normal hours that I may not get to attend the morning Homecoming speaker.

Cool: I'm in 11th quarter
Not cool: I'm already tired of 11th quarter

Alright, enough whining from me. I just need to catch up on some rest and clinic patient file paperwork which tends to snowball when everyone has re-exams and new care plans due at the same time. Even though I have some careerist classmates who will stop at nothing to get what they want no matter who they step on, I am not going to let it bother me. This is certainly far from the first and I doubt it will be my last encounter with selfish people. Rather, I have to keep focused on my responsibilities and goals and not let others jab my sides with their elbows. Most importantly, I need to completely surrender my goals and hopes and dreams to God. I am not in control of the decisions others make and the way things will play out in my career. I can only make the best decisions for the moment (along with Steve's input, of course), and I can control how I respond in seemingly unfair or difficult circumstances. I choose to not let other people's meanness steal my joy.



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