21 January 2007

Homecoming Review

The shortened week due to the MLK, Jr. holiday and Homecoming kept throwing me off schedule. I still managed to see several patients and get some clinic file work and x-ray line analysis accomplished. Meanwhile, I got in a few workouts (rowing, swimming, and running), and attended the Homecoming seminar on campus.
Dr. Dan Murphy was fabulous, as always. He lectured on "Immune System Maturity" and emphasized various nutritional components and their effects on development in utero, early childhood, and how to prevent against post-partum depression in the mom. He also talked about chiropractic, of course, and how and why chiropractic thrived as a profession during the great flu epidemic around WWI. Chiropractic's effect has changed so much in the past 50 years because of the changes in people's immune systems. Chiropractic alone can't touch a lot of the inflammation and toxicity issues that almost all Americans struggle with . . . therefore, having an understanding of nutrition and how it affects the nervous system and immune system is the key to being the most effective health practitioner. I'm glad I'm getting such a strong education in nutrition at Palmer. I see the effects of healthy nutrition first-hand in my own life as well as in my patients who are compliant with nutritional as well as chiropractic protocols.
I also listened to Dr. Thomas Souza discuss headaches and other similar case studies as part of our clinical active learning session on Homecoming Thursday. He authored Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor which is a foundational text in our profession and our academic curriculum.

Dr. Woggon presented a complete scoliosis case study from start to finish. I learned more about things I should be doing with my scoliosis patients, and I want to incorporate those rehab and adjusting protocols this week! Steve and I also enjoyed going to lunch with him and his lovely wife, Brenda.
Last night, we skipped out on the Finale Celebration and opted instead for sushi at Amura with Burk Parsons and his family. The sushi was spectacular, and afterward, we had tea and dessert at the corner coffee shop. We always enjoy visiting with the Parsons, and this time I got to hold their beautiful newborn Elizabeth.

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