14 January 2007

Row, row, row your boat

On Friday, my friend Heather showed Steve & me some training techniques on the Concept 2 Rowing Machine at the Y. Heather rowed for Division I NCAA at Ohio State. She gave us some drills and pointers on what to do for improvement. As it turns out, I'd been rowing completely wrong and overdoing it with my shoulders and arms. After Heather worked with me, I felt a good workout in my lowback, my arms and shoulders felt awesome, and my hamstrings were super tired & sore--which is the way it's supposed to be. But, I really liked rowing and how I felt afterward. I want to keep working on the skills and techniques and try it out on the water.


Blogger AllyKat said...

Your new blog looks great! How did you get it to look so sweet?

14 January, 2007 19:48  

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