17 February 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Boar 2007 begins at midnight on Feb 18th. We celebrated last night at Dr. He & Dr. Cheng's house. The endless and delicious homecooked food was so awesome. Dr. Cheng's eggrolls were just like my mom makes. . . the good salty thin-skinned eggrolls that have really good meat and mushroom filling, and not just blah cabbage. I can't find any eggrolls as good as homemade at any local chinese restaurants. We were also served stir fried noodles, BBQ chicken, veggies, and sweet sticky rice. Dr. He invited all the Asian students from Palmer, and his house was full! Karson and I were amazed that there were so many. Just over a year ago, he and I were the ONLY students who attended an Asian American Student Chiropractic Association moon festival celebration. Now, the asians are attending Palmer en force.

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