01 November 2006

Subluxations . . . watch out!

Arthrostim photo shoot. Except, our photographer couldn't quit laughing. Thanks, Karson!

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Blogger Kt said...

GREAT photos!!! You are very photogenic.. pretty girl.. I know I don't know you, but just tkae a compliment from a wierd friend of a friend of yours-- ha ha ha-- did you catch all that? Thanks for all your comments on my blog.. I hope to do the same when I have some free time.. I'm not able to write as much as i used to at the moment-- but BUT I will soon enough.. have a great weekend Dolly!! God Bless... kt

03 November, 2006 16:25  
Blogger Dolly said...

Thanks KT :-)

Good job keepin' Danny in line with PT. Sounds like y'all are working together to make some very good changes over there...maybe it'll catch on across the base?! Then y'all really COULD be the "tip of the spear". Just kidding about that, but the PT sounds AWESOME! Wish I could participate with y'all!! You have a great weekend, too!

03 November, 2006 18:44  

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