28 October 2006

Fondue Party

The fondue party was Michelle's brilliant idea based on her mom's family tradition of giving her kids a fondue party at the end of final exams to celebrate their efforts and accolades. We had an small, intimate group of friends and we shared in extremely delicious food and fun conversation.In rare form, Steve actually smiled for a photo. Michelle enjoys the mini-cheesecakes of cheesecake filling dipped in the mini-graham crackers with chocolate drizzled on top.
Chris & Kristin
Steve sampled the peppercorn salami dipped in artichoke-pimento cheese fondue
Chris was a first-timer at fondue, so he began the appetizer experience. He was very inquisitive about the fondue "rules", but in the end it didn't matter. He snagged several pieces of Steve's mushrooms, potato, and steak in the fondue pot!Our hosts: Bryan & Michelle
Kristin stands next to the dessert preparation in the kitchen: platters of fruit near bowls of marshmallows and graham crackers.Bryan was so hungry that the fondue experience took a little too long for his preference. Every 10 minutes or so, he was able to eat a steak niblet. This whole set-up reminded me of an American version of the Chinese "hot-pot", minus the blazing hot chili peppers.
I was a huge fan of the grapes dipped in chocolate fondue (Godiva's liquor, Riesling, sweet condensed milk, and semi-sweet chocolate chips)
Kristin, Michelle, & I relaxed and celebrated that we had passed national boards!
At the end of the evening, the guys settled into playing a WWII-style kill your opponent game that reminded me of the set-up of DOOM or 007. I'm obviously not into video games and I haven't played any since I was in high school (Tetris doesn't count) . . . oh, but the guys had a GREAT time!

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