19 October 2006

Outpatient Clinic: Week 3

I'm in week 3 of 10th Q. Life in the outpatient & outreach clinics is BUSY! I don't even know what I'm doing more than 2 days in advance. I'm just getting things done in time for the next patient's visit. I like staying busy, but I know if I had more time, I could get ahead with x-ray line analysis and radiology reports. But hey, they'll get done eventually. I've skipped fewer lunches this week . . . but running training went out the window completely. I'll have to pick it back up on Monday.

The more patients I interact with, the more I realize I need to refine my communication skills. I've been so used to talking to student patients or other people who understand chiropractic terminology. It's so essential for me to educate my patients and explain what I'm doing before I do it, and to not take for granted that they understand what I'm talking about. There is also a difference in communicating & providing care for different age groups from young kids to the elderly. I'm getting some great experience working with all age ranges.

The tough part is transitioning transfer patients to slightly different care. . . especially structural correction care. Patient education: the key to retention, and successful completion of a care plan. This is definitely part of the ART of chiropractic.



Blogger snowmark said...

The key to retention is simple, but it is not easy. Your own "faith, confidence, and belief" in what you do. The more of this you have the more patients will stay with you. Good Luck, Dr. mark A. Snow http://www.westvalleyfamilyclinic.com.

23 October, 2006 13:47  

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