28 October 2006

Rehab & Engineering

While DeJeanne is doing Clinic Abroad in Brazil, she put me in charge of the CLEAR Institute rehab equipment: Scoliosis Traction Chair, Vibe Traction, Whole Body Vibration (Vibe), and Core/Muscle Stim. So, it's been an excuse to have rehab parties. Yes, that's what deranged chiropractic students do on Friday & Saturday nights. . . we don't go to parties, we rehab . . . in pajamas. Friday afternoon, 3 of the guys came over to rehab, and on Saturday, it was 3 of the gals.
Katie relaxes on the Vibe Traction (VT) while wearing some very spunky pajamas with a print that says "Boys are Smelly". I HAVE to get a pair of those!!
Meanwhile, Karson called to tell me that he & Jeff had built Prototype I modifications on his portable adjusting table, so that it has a raised back for doing Pettibon adjustments. He accomplished a solid lifting thoracic piece with oak and hinges in only 1.5 hours. Clever man and quite the student entrepreneur. Karson & Steve got down to business with engineering modifications for Prototype II. When he gets the finished product down just right, he's going to help me modify my portable! Yay!

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